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F1: McLaren to feature flip-flop sponsor on Halo

Bearing in mind the Halo device resembles the upper part of a flip-flop, McLaren has struck-up an inspired partnership with British lifestyle brand Gandys for next week's Australian Grand Prix

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A Flip-Flop Company Will Sponsor McLaren's Halo At The Australian GP

In perhaps the most appropriate sponsorship partnership of all-time, the Halo on the McLaren MCL33 will feature the logos of flip-flop brand Gandys

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McLaren's halo to carry flip-flop sponsorship

McLaren's halo to carry flip-flop sponsorship

McLaren has announced a new partnership with Gandys, a British lifestyle brand founded by brothers Rob and Paul Forkan after their parents died in the December 2004 tsunami that struck southeast Asia.Gandys’...

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McLaren adds flip-flop brand to its Halo for Australia

McLaren has teamed up with British lifestyle brand Gandys for next week’s Australian Grand Prix, which will see the brands logo adorn the MCL33's Halo for the season-opener. The...

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McLaren F1 halo to be sponsored by flip-flop company at Australian GP

The halo device on McLaren's Formula 1 car will be sponsored by a flip-flop manufacturer in the 2018 season-opening Australian Grand Prix

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McLaren: Ferrari went against the gentleman’s agreement

McLaren took issue with Ferrari and Formula 1’s governing body on Thursday after the Maranello outfit hired a top technical official from the FIA going against a recent agreement between teams. The International...

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McLaren puts flip-flop manufacturer’s logo on its Halo | 2018 F1 season

McLaren has signed a sponsorship deal with a manufacturer of flip-flops, whose logo will appear on its Halo for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

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Eric Boullier is certain McLaren has a good car with the new MCL33

McLaren and their racing director Eric Boullier are clearly in a better position than they have been for some years, now that they have new Renault power units in the back of their MCL33s this year. Despite...

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McLaren comfortable with self-inflicted pressure

McLaren is comfortable with the pressure it has been putting on itself ahead of the start of the new Formula 1 season, according to racing director Eric Boullier. At the beginning of its new partnership...

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McLaren says Ferrari broke gentleman's agreement over Mekies

McLaren says Ferrari broke gentleman's agreement over Mekies

Mekies, the FIA's safety delegate and deputy race director for Formula 1 and F2, will start at Ferrari in just over six months, on September 20. He will report to technical director Mattia Binotto.After...

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McLaren: Ferrari’s signing of FIA safety head Mekies broke agreement

McLaren has accused Ferrari and the FIA of breaking a gentleman's agreement after the Italian Formula 1 team announced it had signed FIA safety and deputy race director Laurent Mekies

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Nowhere for McLaren to hide: ‘Being 0.9s off Red Bull wouldn’t look good’ | 2018 F1 season preview: McLaren

McLaren's Zak Brown admitted it "wouldn't look good" if the team are nine-tenths of a second off fellow Renault users Red Bull. But testing proved tough.

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F1 2018: McLaren need to deliver

After three years of agony and underachievement, new engine partners and a happy Fernando Alonso fuelled fresh optimism at McLaren over the winter months — and then testing came along. March has not been...

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Stoffel Vandoorne: F1 more 'natural' in second season

McLaren’s Stoffel Vandoorne says his preparations for his second season in Formula 1 have felt “natural”, compared to the build-up to his rookie year. Vandoorne, a long-term member of...

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Can McLaren's New F1 Reserve Driver Survive The Marshmallow Challenge?

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McLaren F1 stars' final Honda hurrah

McLaren F1 stars' final Honda hurrah

The trees haven't yet shed their coat of richly auburn autumn leaves; only the chill, when you step out of the low sun's glare, reminds you that winter holds this hemisphere in its grip. Motegi may not...

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McLaren not pessimistic about 2018 says Alonso

Fernando Alonso insists he is "not pessimistic" after a fourth consecutive troubled winter for McLaren.

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Fernando Alonso considered quitting F1 at end of season

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso said he considered quitting Formula 1 at the end of last season.

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Fernando Alonso considered quitting F1 for triple crown in 2017

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso considered quitting Formula 1 at the end of 2017 to pursue his dream of winning motorsport's unofficial triple crown

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Renault doesn’t end McLaren problems yet

New engine but ongoing disappointment for McLaren, the second most successful team in Formula 1 history, who hope to put an end to three years of misery using Honda-made motors by ditching the Japanese...

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