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Mercedes snaps up Ferrari engine boss

Former Ferrari engine boss Lorenzo Sassi is heading to arch F1 rival Mercedes.

Read 2 days ago,, Mercedes, Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari - I propri nemici peggiori [Part 2]

Ferrari is one of the richest and most successful teams in all of F1, so much so that they are almost seen as the epitome of how to run an F1 team. Despite this it is now an entire decade since a drivers'...

Read 2 days ago, Rach F1, Ferrari

Ferrari eyes healthy cigarette sponsor?

Ferrari could be about to announce a 'new' major sponsor for 2018.

Read 3 days ago,, Ferrari

Even Ferrari partnership has limits says Brawn

Ross Brawn has ruled out scrapping F1's plans to replace the current 'power units' after 2020.

Read 3 days ago,, Ferrari

Brawn: We do not want to lose Ferrari

Formula 1 motorsport chief Ross Brawn admits that negative reaction to the proposed new engine rules for 2021 surprised him but he is adamant that the sport does not want to lose Ferrari and is keen to...

Read 3 days ago, Grand Prix 247, Ferrari

Stop moaning about lack of overtaking in F1 - Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel says those who moan about a lack of overtaking should calm down and accept that some Formula 1 grands prix will be boring

Read 4 days ago, Autosport, Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel says he struggled to move past Baku mistake

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel says he struggled to move past his Azerbaijan Grand Prix mistake which cost him a potential victory, and that it was the worst he'd felt all season. Vettel was penalised...

Read 5 days ago, Grand Prix Times, Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel Doesn't Think Much Of Formula E

The four-time champ thinks it's pretty boring and doubts that it's really the future of motorsport

Read 5 days ago, WTF1, Ferrari

Aldo Costa does not seek Ferrari return

Aldo Costa says he has no desire to return to Ferrari.

Read 6 days ago,, Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel plans to 'be wiser' in future Formula 1 seasons

Sebastian Vettel hopes being "a bit wiser" will help him improve as a driver and add to his tally of four Formula 1 world championships in the future

Read 1 week ago, Autosport, Ferrari

The secrets behind Ferrari's ongoing revival

The secrets behind Ferrari's ongoing revival

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. With a chill pill for Sebastian Vettel in Azerbaijan and Singapore, plus a different spark plug in Japan, we could be sitting here now reflecting on a full-blown title resurrection...

Read 1 week ago,, Ferrari

Ferrari says F1 quit threat should be taken as “serious”

Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne has insisted that his teams threat to quit Formula 1 post 2020 should be taken very easily, despite the new Alfa Romeo deal with Sauber  Sauber and Ferrari announced a partnership...

Read 1 week ago, F1 Hub, Ferrari

Ferrari boss says Giovinazzi will "get his chance"

Ferrari boss says Giovinazzi will "get his chance"

The Italian had been a contender for a drive at the rebranded Alfa Romeo Sauber outfit, but in the end lost out when team bosses elected to retain Marcus Ericsson instead.But despite the disappointment...

Read 1 week ago,, Ferrari

Ferrari reassures Giovinazzi he has F1 future after Sauber snub

Antonio Giovinazzi has been told by his Ferrari bosses he remains firmly in the frame for a future full-time Formula 1 seat, despite missing out on Sauber for 2018

Read 1 week ago, Autosport, Ferrari, Sauber

Rejuvenated Ferrari falter with titles in sight | 2017 F1 season review

Was Ferrari’s season a success or a disappointment? It was certainly the best of any team other than Mercedes since the current engine rules arrived.

Read 1 week ago, F1 Fanatic, Ferrari

Rosberg not surprised Ferrari lost in 2017

Nico Rosberg insists he continues to have no regrets about deciding to quit F1 at the age of 31.

Read 1 week ago,, Ferrari

Inside Line: A time when Ferrari nearly pulled the plug on F1

<►> Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne threatening to pull the legendary team from Formula 1 has captured miles of headlines, with many believing that the ploy is part of the power...

Read 1 week ago, Grand Prix 247, Ferrari

Where the Mercedes vs Ferrari tech war was won and lost

Where the Mercedes vs Ferrari tech war was won and lost

After three years of dominance, the big question was whether Mercedes could stay on top in 2017 through the major aerodynamic rule changes. As for Ferrari, was this a chance to recover from a poor previous...

Read 1 week ago,, Mercedes, Ferrari

Vettel: Ferrari shouldn't dwell on missed opportunities

Ferrari took the majority of its opportunities in 2017 and should not get obsessed with the costly retirements this season, according to Sebastian Vettel. Lewis Hamilton wrapped up the drivers' championship...

Read 1 week ago, RACER, Ferrari

Ferrari Says It's Still Serious About Quitting F1 Even Though Alfa Romeo Is Returning

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has said that even though he's helped bring Alfa Romeo into the sport, it doesn't mean Ferrari won't follow through with it's threat to leave the sport

Read 1 week ago, WTF1, Ferrari